Anonymous: All Signs Point To World War 3

Hacktivist group Anonymous has released a chilling new video – urging people around the world to prepare for World War 3 – warning that the US is maneuvering its military for battle.

All the signs of a looming war on the Korean peninsula are surfacing,” the group claimed in a six-minute clip, posted on YouTube over the weekend.

Unlike previous world wars, although there will be ground troops the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick. It will also be globally devastating on environmental and economical levels,” Anonymous warn.

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Untitled-2.png reports: For more than a decade, North Korea has been unsuccessfully attempting to prove its military might to the world through a series of failed missile launches, nuclear proliferation, and threats to anyone who attempts to come near their border. And for more than half a century, the US has enabled it. In spite of threatening nuclear war on the world, most countries have never acted. However, the Trump administration appears to want to change that.

As the Free Thought Project has faithfully reported, tensions between the US and North Korea continue to rise — almost intentionally — as the US rattles the saber at the crazy Kim Jong-Un.

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Just last week, North Korea, feeling pressure of encroaching American and allied vessels, threatened to make a ghost ship of a U.S. nuclear submarine.

“The moment the USS Michigan tries to budge even a little, it will be doomed to face the miserable fate of becoming an underwater ghost without being able to come to the surface,” railed propagandic North Korean outlet, Uriminzokkiri, quoted by the Independent.

“Watching as each country moves strategic pieces into place,” Anonymous notes, in their signature distorted robotic voice behind the Guy Fawkes mask. “But unlike past world wars, although there will be ground troops, the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick. It will also be globally devastating, both on environmental and economical levels.”

The very real threat of nuclear war would most assuredly be devastating on all levels.

Instead of attempting to achieve peace, the US is responding in kind with intercontinental ballistic missile tests of their own.

To show Kim Jong Un that launching test missiles won’t be tolerated, the United States, last week, launched an unarmed intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from a US Air Force base in California — just seven days after a previous launch.

“This is a real war with real global consequences,” Anonymous explains. “With three superpowers drawn into the mix, other nations will be coerced into choosing sides, so what do the chess pieces look like so far?”

“The citizen will be the last to know, so it is important to understand what the other nations are doing,” the group stated.

“The pragmatic Chinese, it seems, are starting to lose their patience.”

The Chinese do appear to be making moves for a potential conflict.

Last month, China’s Foreign Minister warned that an armed conflict with North Korea may break out “at any moment,” urging Washington and Pyongyang to tone down their hawkish rhetoric and realize the price to pay for both sides if a new Korean War were to start.

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Shortly after the warning, China issued a notice to its citizens telling them to leave North Korea at once.

Anonymous also points out that war is likely imminent due to President Donald Trump meeting with the murderous president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte, who compares himself to Hitler and publicly calls for the extrajudicial murder of his own citizens for using drugs, was invited to the White House by Trump.

“When President Trump starts reaching out to those like President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines to assure they are on the same page, one must start to wonder,” Anonymous says in the video. “However, even Duterte has advised the US to back away from Kim Jong Un.”

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“Prepare for what comes next,” warns Anonymous.

“We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.”

6 thoughts on “Anonymous: All Signs Point To World War 3

  1. One only has to look at the many wars and failed states to see likely outcomes. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers were the last generation to practice the basic things that we call survival skills now.
    I see this all the time now. I learned many of these skill and my children were not really interested in learning much of these. However, those around me know next to nothing of these skills. As the lessons around the world show, when SHTF you will NOT have time to learn these skills!
    There are those like me who could teach but there are too few right now want to learn.
    When SHTF there will be much fewer people like me who could teach.
    Maybe the young just plan to Google it 🙂


  2. The Globalist want to destroy the current world order. One tool is war but not all out war because they will not be able to control it. They are leaking the threat of all out war, to push the world to a deal to avoid this chaos. THe deal maker Trump will avoid this and bring in a “hybrid” system globally the world will run to thankful that we were rescued from this threat.


  3. When all else fails. START A WAR!

    Democraps have failed against Trump.
    Hillyarous has failed against Trump.
    The Chinese have failed against Trump.
    The Russians have failed against Trump.
    The MSM has failed against Trump.
    Hollowod has failed against Trump.

    START A WAR! Maybe we can win against Trump.


  4. Today is December 16, 2017 and 2018,Trump signed tariffs world Argentina,G20 meet world leaders,China and United States suspends new sanctions for 90 days. In 2018, United States midterms Democratic won majority in Congress and Republican won majority in Senate. History is being changed every Doctor Who is on full throttle.


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